Creative direction for a Benjamin Moore video campaign.

Space: Interior Design
Roles: Writer, Creative Direction
Challenge: Convey brand messaging with video content developed around prominent interior designers.
Outcome: A three-part video series which aligns the brand with an elevated designer style.
Methods: Interviews, Scripting
Collaborators: Mayo Studios, Andrey Alistratov

When the global paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore wanted to introduce a new product line for the high-end residential market, they approached Metropolis magazine to help them tell their story.

Acting as the magazine's creative lead for the project, I synthesized the brand's messaging objectives into three video concepts. Each vignette is designed to showcase a different facet of the new line, while building affinity with the target market. The high-end production quality of the clips echoed the premium essence of the Century brand.

After preliminary interviews with each of the designers, I developed three distinct concepts and story lines which, while emphasizing product features, would also let the talent represent themselves in a genuine way.

The scripts I produced directly fed into the development of the story-boards, which in turn were used as the blue prints for production.

During shooting, I led the interviews, helping the designers express their thoughts on the importance of color in their work. In post production, I worked directly with the video editor to make sure the client's objectives and the original creative vision were met.

Scripts and Story Boards

I scripted and collaborated with Mayo Studios to develop the storyboards for the project.

Videos were produced by Mayo Studios and directed by .

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