Choir Room

with Harvey Marshall Berling Associates and Sage and Coombe Architects.
for Buckley School for Boys

To address the overall experience of the room, we developed a visually coherent finish layout of wooden panels with diverse acoustic characteristics.

Site conditions around the renovated choir room shaped it to be narrow, with a low ceiling, and a double-height, central clearstory, promising acoustic complications.

The rear of the room is lined with slotted diffusor panels, breaking up direct echo from the hard and reflective white board in the front.

The clearstory surface panels lower and closer to the performers are absorptive—aided by a pattern of micro perforations and a generous layer of fiber behind the surface.

Those further away are solid and acoustically reflective, giving time for the voices to travel upwards, mingle, and bounce back, returning not as a strident echo, but as pleasant acoustic trail.

By using the height of the clearstory to introduce reflective surfaces, we developed a supportive acoustic setting in an otherwise difficult space.

photos and graphics courtesy of Sage and Coombe Architects.
acoustic panel photo courtesy of Decoustics.

Singers, young and old, rely on the space where they preform to give their voices presence, color, and shape.

A design for a boys' choir room which was acoustically challenged by low volume, takes advantage of a clearstory to approximate a concert hall.

Using a precise mix of absorptive, reflective, and diffusive surfaces we turned a townhouse loft into a finely tuned performance space.