Book Cart for NYPL & DOC

in collaboration with Joel Stoehr's Furniture Design Studio.

floating, see-through wooden shelves, mask and lighten a welded steel armature.

front- and side-accessible shelves make the cart approachable from multiple directions: an essential feature when corridor space is tight.

maple-wrapped handles provide a lasting touchpoint that's sympathetic to hands.

reclined shelves, following the tapered frame, make sure the books stay put while their spines are angled up towards the patron, relieving the need to crouch while browsing.

oversized, non-deflating casters overcome difficult floors while eliminating need for maintenance.

steel frame, plywood shelving, maple handles, semi-pneumatic casters.

photos by Martin Seck.

Designed as a central component of the New York Public Library's service at Rikers Island Jail.

A reinforced, hyper-functional rolling case, designed for a challenging, institutional environment, this cart takes on the shape of an approachable and open shelving unit, one that would even feel at home in a home.

Gently angled steel and waterfall-veneer plywood, counter rigid security requirements with an aesthetic of empathy and generosity.


"Parsons Students Design Book Carts for New York City's Correctional Facilities"