4 x 4 Bench

Finalist in the Center for Art in Wood show "Chairs for the 21st Century"

red cedar 4" x 4" structural members, ratchet straps, oversized casters, bleached denim upholstery.

Freighting ratchet straps pull together local construction grade lumber into a bench for two. Imported casters provide mobility within the living space, while the knockdown design makes the bench easy to move from residence to residence.

"Volf offers a strikingly direct confrontation of a material landscape that shows few considerations for regional context. Instead of looking to the past to define a sense of place, his 4 x 4 Bench reacts to the globalization of materials and ideas, erasing historical distinctions between places and populations."

- Benjamin Colman,
Associate Curator of American Art,
Detroit Institute of the Arts.

from On the Edge of Your Seat,
"Formal Thoughts on Sitting Figures."

Full artist essay can be read here.